Raquel Meyers / live solo set

Project developed in residency Homemade collectif october 2009 at Le Maki Angoulême (France)
Durée / Duration : 20 minutes

Screening performance at Le Maki 16th october 2009

Repetition of the memory in actions is just as impossible as saying precisely what one wants … don’t take things for granted. With a mix of photo animations, graphics, texts and sound, S*P*_*M*N*_*M*_*D*D*_*S*_*R*_* creates a dialogue between 3 concepts – spam, nomad and desire – advancing and growing from the middle, where you have to get to work, where everything unfolds.

Use me as a toolbox
I’m ur new kit
ready to select, use and download
Insert ur forms in my exxxisting lines
Interprete me, reproduce me, exhibit me
I’m the one
Consumpte me
produce me
use the remote control
leisure time
code me
manipulate me
I’m ur desire
that’s is never ending